The Shape of your Feet Can Reveal A lot About Your Personality

Shape of your feet ? how can it reveal anything about you? fascinating right! A person tends to carry various traits and various personalities. No one can judge a person from their first impressions, usually people have different physical personalities and physical traits.

Based on this difference, people can be divided into various groups where one’s personality is different and where one’s traits are different. These groups can preferably be recognized by the shape of your feet. The shape of your feet can reveal a lot about your personality and I am pretty sure that it will blow your mind how accurate it is.

Here are the different shapes of feet which can give you a hint about a human’s personality.

shape of your feet

1 . The Egyptian big foot

If you have your toes aligned perfectly in descending order then you are a very conservative and sensitive person to deal with. You keep your thoughts to yourself and no one can access your inner thoughts unless it is someone very special.

shape of your feet

2. The common Roman foot

These are a very common type of feet where the first three toes are in straight line and the other two goes in a descending manner. people having this type of feet are very loyal and lovable, they can sacrifice anything for their loved ones

shape of your feet

3. The peasant’s straight foot

These are a rare kind of arrangement where all toes are aligned in same level and height. People having this kind of feet are extremely reasonable and calm, They don’t take any decision in a hurry and regret it later.

shape of your feet

4. The Greek triangle foot

In this type of foot, the second toe is the tallest and remaining are in descending order usually these are found in people who are artists and athletes. people with these type of feet are very determined and creative. They tend to achieve what they have been willing for.

shape of your feet

5. The non detachable toes

In these types of feet, toes are attached and are insepeable. People having these kind of feet are workaholic and can do anything to achieve their dreams. Even if they deviate from their path, they will eventually get back to it.

shape of your feet

6. The moving little toe

In this kind of feet, the last little toe is movable freely without moving remaining toes, if you have such feet you are a curious dreamer. always craving for an adventure.

shape of your feet

7. The tiny little toe

In this kind of toe, people have very small little toe, these are the people who will never follow someone and are trendsetters.

shape of your feet

8. The outward third toe

In this type of feet, the third toe is projecting outwards and if you have this kind of feet, then you are more likely to be a perfectionist, who does every work very perfectly.

shape of your feet

Image credits : Apost